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Book Cover
Magazine Cover
Music Album Cover
First Asian Graphic Biennial/ 1978
Concert/ 1973
Film Poster/ Inanimate Nature/ 1974
Film Poster/ A Simple Happening/ 1973
4th Tehran International Film Market/ 1975
Falgoush/ 1975
Volume & Environment Exhibition/ 1976
Exhibition of Poster Art in Iran/ 1977
100th Anniversary of Dehkhoda‘s Birth/ 1980
Film Poster/ The Immigrant/ 1990
Film Poster/ Roses for Africa/ 1991
Self-Promotional Poster Exhibition by Iranian Graphic designers/ 2000
After Three Thousand years We Iranians/ 2001
After Three Thousand years We Iranians/ 2001
Contemporary Drawing of Iran exhibition/ 2001
Music from Northern Khorasan/ 2003
Music from Northern Khorasan/ 2003
Music from Northern Khorasan/ 2003
Masterpieces of the Persian Paintings/ 2005
Film Poster/ Dorghouz Abad/ 1973
Music from Northern Khorasan/ 2003
Tribute to Kharazmi/ 1983
Film Poster/ Beating of History
Film Poster/Another time maybe/ 1991
Piano Recital
Exhibition of the Works of Contemporary Artists/ 1999
Third Exhibition and Fajr Books Expo / 1988
Theatre Poster/ Solitary Free Man/ 2001
5th International Film Festival- Our Magic Lantern/ 1976
A Night with Todays Poets/ 1990
Commemorative Congress for 80th Martyrdom of Rais-Ali Delvary/ 1994
Theater Poster/ Vania uncle/ 1992
Poster/ to œ
Theater Poster/ Not Return/ 1999
International Conference of Islamic Culture/ 1999
Theater Poster/ Shaggy gorilla/ 1998