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Armando Milani

I was a very good friend of Momayez, or at least I think of him as a great friend of mine. I met him at one of the AGI congresses in Paris and we immediately liked each other because we liked the same kind of design, minimal but with a heart, and with the skill to evoke emotions.
I especially liked his sense of humor and his humanity that was an important part of who he was as an artist and as a person. He always expressed these characteristics in his art, which was always very creative. He invited me to Teheran for an exhibition of my work, but unfortunately he died shortly thereafter. However, the family continued the project, so I was able to visit your fascinating country and to get to know his son Anoosh, who also became a very good friend.
After my time in Iran with the artists, friends and family of Momayez I could see why he was so popular and why he was an example for the Iranian young generation of designers.
I think that his experience working in Europe gave him a broader perspective for his design approach. When I asked him to participate to my book “Double life of 80 AGI designers” he immediately sent me his portrait in front of the picture of Marilyn Monroe (MM) as a contribution, I loved it. Momayez was not just a designer but a real artist and a poet, with a big heart.
Armando Milani