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Kari Piippo

Among friends
by Kari Piippo

Morteza Momayez Foundation´s invitation  to arrange my poster exhibition ”Simple, Strong and  Sharp” in Tehran was a great honour and joy. The invitation brought to mind warm memories of Helsinki AGI Congress in 2003, where I met Mr. Morteza Momayez, his family and all other Iranian members of AGI for the first time. I was excited to travel to Tehran.

A Finnish proverb says “Well planned is half done.” I believe that this same principle is familiar also in Iranian culture. The exhibition proceeded quickly: the files of posters by email to Tehran and digital printing on the spot. It was reassuring to note that I was dealing with professionals who are able and willing to do their very best.

The warm atmosphere during the lecture, opening ceremony and dinner with friends and colleagues made the opening day unforgettable.

The “My childhood” poster workshop in Vije, in the School of Visual Communications, showed that Iranian students are active, open and studious. Their attitude towards learning is very positive and enthusiastic.

The present and the future of graphic design in Iran are in good hands.

Thank you very much!

Kari Piippo