Salam Hamsayeh
Salam Hamsayeh
good Standing and Reputation

Karamustafa studied graphic design at the Fine Arts Academy Istanbul. Completed MA and PhD studies in Mimar Sinan University and became an associate professor. Teaches at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul since 1989. 1997: initiated Grafist, an educationally based international graphic design event in Istanbul. 1967-79: worked in publishing companies and advertising agencies. 1979-1999: worked freelance. 2000: founded Karamustafa Design Ltd with his daughter Ayse Karamustafa, active in social and cultural design. He has designed posters, books, magazines, corporate identity programmes, catalogues, environmental projects, exhibitions, fair stands on history, archaeology, photography, literature, fine arts, variable events, political activities for museums, publishers, theatres, art galleries, NGOs and corporations. Solo shows on his works have been organized at: Bibliothèque Pablo Neruda, Grenoble, 1988; Niavaran Cultural Centre, Tehran, 1989; DDD Gallery, Osaka, 2002; GGG Gallery, Tokyo, 2003; Design Museum, Nagoya, 2003. Between 1981 and 2006 he won 46 awards in the annual exhibitions of GMK, the Turkish Society of Graphic Designers. Awarded Special Prize at the Asia Graphic Poster Triennial, Seoul, 2000 and Honorary Diploma at Plovdiv International Posters Exhibition, 2000. He lectures, leads workshops, and is a jury member for international design competitions all over the world. He was vice-president of Icograda, 1995-1999.

•This exhibition was held in September 2013 together with the 8th anniversary of the late maestro Morteza Momayez in Iranian Artists Forum.

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